• Cough Something Up

    It was a perfect afternoon at the barn: warm, sunny and not a soul in sight! As I walked out to the pasture, I could see horses happily munching away at hay, all at peace with the world…. Read More

  • Surgical Support – Yes, you can!

    Emergency colic surgery. That phrase is enough to strike fear in the hearts of the most experienced equestrian. We can feel so helpless and the situation so far out of our control. The reality, though, is that is… Read More

  • From Head to Heart

    “You have to know the rules before you can break them.” As a kid, this quote was always a puzzle for me, growing up in a law enforcement family. No one ever talked about breaking the rules as… Read More

  • Post – Surgery recovery

    Fitzgerald, my 31 year old hunter/jumper (retired), had to have his eye surgically removed at the vet school due to complications from uveitis and a corneal ulcer.  When he came home, he just stood with his head in… Read More

  • Successful Healing of Tendon Injury

    My Saddlebred mare, Rose, had stepped on a spike that went right into the center of her hoof at least an 1”. I immediately started to soak Rose’s hoof 3 times a day and wrapping it to make… Read More

  • Lions and Tigers and Bears …

    Oh my! It can be challenging enough dealing with your horse’s physical issues … but what can you do when your horse develops a fear or phobia? Talk therapy? Rationalize it with them? Not likely. But what you… Read More

  • All in a Day’s Work

    A horse owner, who is out of town on business, calls because she just got a text that her horse is colicing. She can’t get home in time to attend to this.  The vet is hours away.  After… Read More

  • From a Whisper to a Scream

    As equestrians, we want our horses to listen to our whisper. No, we insist that our horses listen to our whisper. Everything about excellence in riding is based on the invisible cue. The rider initiates the request; the… Read More



Your horse’s ENERGY determines how quickly he recovers from illness and injury, her overall feelings of well-being, and general attitude towards life.   When your horse is clear mentally and emotionally, he plays well with others and is resilient when presented with stressful circumstances.

Pranic Healing can teach you how to work with your horse’s energy anatomy and accelerate their body’s natural healing ability.

If you are interested in learning how to:

  • Understand your horse’s energy anatomy
  • Feel the subtle energy around their physical body
  • Determine what makes their energy stronger, and what makes it weaker
  • Support healing of physical issues and injuries using the energy of your hands
  • Remove energy that causes disease, depression and stress,

then you are in the right place.


The auric field, or bio-plasmic body, is a field of energy surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body.  Horses have an aura, just like people do.  It contains, supports and protects the rest of the energy anatomy, and provides… Read More

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What is a chakra?  The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel.”  It is part of the energy anatomy that is shaped like a vortex and is responsible for energizing certain parts of the anatomy.  These energy vortex are… Read More

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Congested Energy

Congested energy is the energy that would normally be released by the energy anatomy, similarly to how the body’s respiratory system exhales carbon dioxide.  But sometimes this “exhale” ability is impaired due to an imbalance in the energy… Read More

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