From a Whisper to a Scream

From a Whisper to a Scream

As equestrians, we want our horses to listen to our whisper. No, we insist that our horses listen to our whisper. Everything about excellence in riding is based on the invisible cue. The rider initiates the request; the well-trained horse listens and immediately responds. But what do we do when the horse doesn’t respond? We need to figure out one of two things: is the horse desensitized – either in the mouth, or the barrel, or the whole body? A competent trainer can help to re-sensitize them to the very subtle information we send, and the beautiful conversation continues. Or is the horse actively ignoring us? In which case a short, sharp  “shout” with the crop can bring his attention back to the matter at hand, and hopefully they choose to listen to the whisper next time.

So what about us? Do we listen to the subtle messages from our body? To our internal whispers? Is our own body so de-sensitized and detached that we don’t hear / aren’t aware of these messages anymore? Maybe. Or do we hear those messages and just ignore it, hoping they will go away? “Oh, that [ache/pain/issue], it’s nothing.” How’s that working? Why do we routinely wait until our body has to raise its voice, even to the point of requiring it to scream at us to get our attention? I think we’ve all know someone who deferred taking care of a medical issue until they were bedridden by it. The body has the final say. The person had no choice but to pay attention at that point.

What would it look like if we heard our body’s whisper about our health, and responded while the request was so small? This is the foundational principle behind Pranic Healing Wellness Maintenance. It’s more than just eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising. It’s about being aware of the subtle information from our bodies – the physical body and the energy body – and understanding what to do with it. You see, because the energy body acts like a blueprint or a template for the physical body, any slight disturbances or imbalances in the energy field ultimately can translate to a symptom in the physical body. But that process takes some time … which is a good thing! Because when we can detect those energetic imbalances AND CORRECT THEM RIGHT AWAY, those ‘diseases’ tend not to manifest as physical symptoms. This is the basis of self-healing and wellness care.

Pranic Healing teaches us to be sensitive to the quiet whispers of our body, and gives us the information on what to do, and the techniques on how to do it. So don’t wait until your body has to scream at you. Be a good role model for your horse and listen to the whisper. Because when you feel better, you get to ride more!

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