Invisible Ocean of Energy

Invisible Ocean of Energy

Think for a moment of a computer from the pre-1980’s era. Rooms full of large data-processing machines with their programs stored on punch cards. Eventually information from these punch cards transitioned from a physical medium to being stored on magnetic tape. Then to discs, then hard drives and finally where we are now with programs being stored in the cloud and everyone transmitting wireless information from hand held devices.

Put an 80’s era punch card computer in a room full of wi-fi and what will it do? Nothing. It cannot sense the energy. Put a wi-fi computer with its wi-fi turned off in the same room, and what does it detect? Nothing, until that feature is turned on. Once the wi-fi is activated, that computer is all of a sudden equipped to send and receive all sorts of information, wirelessly and invisibly.

What’s important to understand is that we are swimming in an ocean of energy – both naturally occurring and man-made. If we don’t acknowledge the existence of this information, we are like the 1980’s computer with no capacity to receive or sense it. Some people’s capacity to sense subtle energy is already active, and they pick up intuitive information without even trying. Other people are like the computer with the wi-fi feature turned off, and need to do a little something to activate these receptors.

You can try this exercise to activate your personal “wi fi:”

1. Connect your tongue to the palate. Breathe deeply for 2 minutes to generate more energy and to relax yourself.

2. Place your hands about 6 inches apart facing each other. Keep your armpits slightly open to facilitate the flow of energy.

3. Concentrate on the center of your palms and continue to breathe deeply.

4. Be aware of any sensations you can feel around your palms and fingers. Some might feel heat, pressure, tingling even slight electrical charges.

This exercise activates the hand chakras located in the palms. It enables you to scan for imbalances in the energy fields of other people.  Identifying the imbalance is the first step towards healing!

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