Sensing Invisible Energy

Sensing Invisible Energy

One of the first things we do in a Pranic Healing class is an exercise called Sensitizing the Hands. This practice helps us to “scan” or detect the invisible subtle energy of our body. Most people have never experienced this exercise before, so it often comes as a surprise that our bodies are sensitive to, and have receptors to, invisible energy. Well, consider for a moment the idea that our bodies are constantly receiving and processing “invisible energy” all the time:

Take, for example, our sense of hearing. The ear (and associated physical anatomy) is constantly receiving, interpreting and understanding the sounds around us. These sounds are basically made up of sound waves, which are invisible energy. Maybe you’ve seen the video of the baby who is hearing his mother’s voice for the first time, after an ear operation restoring his hearing. The look on his face is of absolute amazement! The ear is a naturally occurring receptor of invisible energy, which provides a tremendous amount of information. Marvelous! Well, guess what? We also have naturally occurring “projectors” of invisible energy, which is our voice. So you can already see that receiving and projecting invisible energy is a regular part of our daily life.

Consider the sense of smell. As you walk down the street, you know (even if you are blindfolded) when you are passing the cookie shop. When you are passing the pizza parlor, or that boutique that sells the lavender soap. Just think about the guy who wears that cologne you like, you can even tell when he had been in the room and already left, without anyone saying he was there. That is what intuition is like, knowing information without anyone actually telling you, or without reading it somewhere. Imagine if you lost your sense of smell. You couldn’t pick up all that information that is just floating around you. That would be a significant loss of information that you would otherwise use to navigate your day.

In a similar way, our body’s energy anatomy picks up intuitive information as we interact with people and situations. Intuition is the ability to pick up on the energetic information that is literally just floating around you.  Some refer to it as ‘gut instinct,’ or ‘reading between the lines.’  Admittedly, some people’s sense of smell is better than others, just as some people’s intuitive skills are more developed.  As we practice these exercises to strengthen our energy anatomy’s ability to “scan,” we can develop those intuitive skills, which helps us get more accurate, consistent information from the subtle energy realm.

At a recent class, there was one student who was practicing “scanning,” and she felt warmth all over another student’s energy body, except for one hip.  After discussion, she found out that the hip where the scanning was “cool” was actually the person’s injured hip! And just like the baby who is suddenly hearing for the first time, as these students become consciously aware of receiving subtle energy for the first time – the look on their faces is of absolute amazement! They had no idea that this information even existed! And to have this faculty activated is as significant a shift in the incoming information as having a person’s hearing restored, or getting the sense of smell back after it had been lost.

So if you are interested in exploring this process of detecting and understanding the information of this invisible energy, take a look at the upcoming class offerings. This is a skill that anyone can develop, regardless of their experience, skill or perceived lack of special ability. What will you do with all this new information?

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