Cough Something Up

Cough Something Up

It was a perfect afternoon at the barn: warm, sunny and not a soul in sight! As I walked out to the pasture, I could see horses happily munching away at hay, all at peace with the world.  Beautiful green rolling hills.  What an idyllic scene.  Until I got a little closer and heard one horse repeatedly coughing.  This went on for what seemed like a long time.  And not your average “I’ve got some grass stuck in my throat” coughing.  This horse was sounding uncomfortable.  He was projecting a lot of stress energy as well.  If you are sensitive, you can feel it, particularly in contrast to the otherwise peaceful setting.  The difference in the energy stands out. 

So instead of going and getting my horse, I walked over and stood outside the pasture where this horse was.  He looked at me like “help me” and I ran through my various options.  Call the barn owner?  Check him out energetically?  See if he can balance up and get on top of things?  I decided to go that route and see what a few minutes of Pranic Healing could do.   The first thing that comes to mind in a coughing scenario is to check the throat chakra.   This energy center is in charge of the physical anatomy of the throat.  If he is having an issue with that part of the body, it’s the logical place to start.  As I did my scanning, I found that his throat chakra was very small and felt clogged. So the first order of business is to clear out the blockage and strengthen the throat chakra so it is stronger.

This is the same technique I have used many times for a horse experiencing a full blown case of choke, you know, the sort where food is coming out their nose?  In that situation there is the same problem, the physical anatomy is not receiving the amount of vital energy it needs to operate optimally.  An energetic malfunction.  The solution?  Restore the appropriate amount of vital energy to that part of the body. The process? Clean and balance the energy anatomy.

Back to the horse in the field:  after just a minute or two of clearing the throat chakra, the coughing stopped.  He started yawning (a common sign of energy release), and moving his head up and down really quickly.  His ears were on me the whole time, like laser pointers.  He stood there, yawning some more.  His whole body relaxed … he knew the crisis was over.  And I could get on with my ride!

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