Lions and Tigers and Bears …

Oh my!
It can be challenging enough dealing with your horse’s physical issues … but what can you do when your horse develops a fear or phobia? Talk therapy? Rationalize it with them? Not likely. But what you can do is help them heal emotionally using the tools of subtle energy. Energy Healing works quickly and effectively on fears and phobias, because thoughts are energy. And Pranic Healing is specifically designed for this purpose.

Take, for example, a dressage horse who had a fear of the hot walker at a Devonwood Equestrian Center. If you’ve ever been there, you know it is close by the entry to the indoor arena. “W.C.” had such an aversion that he would not go anywhere near the hot walker, which made getting into the indoor arena slightly challenging, to say the least! Read More

All in a Day’s Work

A horse owner, who is out of town on business, calls because she just got a text that her horse is colicing. She can’t get home in time to attend to this.  The vet is hours away.  After an emergency Pranic Healing session on the horse’s digestive system, the next text she gets (later that morning) is that the Read More

From a Whisper to a Scream

As equestrians, we want our horses to listen to our whisper. No, we insist that our horses listen to our whisper. Everything about excellence in riding is based on the invisible cue. The rider initiates the request; the well-trained horse listens and immediately responds. But what do we do when the horse doesn’t respond? We need to figure out one of two things: Read More