Surgical Support – Yes, you can!

Surgical Support – Yes, you can!

Emergency colic surgery. That phrase is enough to strike fear in the hearts of the most experienced equestrian. We can feel so helpless and the situation so far out of our control. The reality, though, is that is… Read More

Sensing Invisible Energy

One of the first things we do in a Pranic Healing class is an exercise called Sensitizing the Hands. This practice helps us to “scan” or detect the invisible subtle energy of our body. Most people have never… Read More

Invisible Ocean of Energy

Think for a moment of a computer from the pre-1980’s era. Rooms full of large data-processing machines with their programs stored on punch cards. Eventually information from these punch cards transitioned from a physical medium to being stored… Read More

What is Energy Healing?

Let’s break it down:  What is Energy?  What is Healing? Energy is everything.  Quantum physics tells us that the whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns.  That on the subatomic level, the “particles” are… Read More